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Mindful Tea Gift Guide

It's the best feeling to give a gift that you know will be cherished. Our loose leaf teas are a great way to connect with friends and loved ones, and it’s not just tea that you’re gifting. It’s the small moments that come out of drinking a cup of tea, the conversations, the mindfulness, and the comfort that makes the gift take on a second life of its own.

Our mindful gift guide focuses on our premium loose leaf teas as well as our gift basket ideas so that no matter if you’re searching for a gift for a life-long tea lover or a novice, there’s something for everyone. Gift giving doesn't have to be complicated when life's simplest pleasures are so sweet!

Build This Basket: 1 Schasteâ teapot, 2 tea cups, 2 oz. tea of choice

The perfect gift to stock up on tea essentials
and have all that you need to enjoy a cup of tea with a
friend, partner, or family member.


 The teas that will match their energy and keep them going all day.
Awaken (coffee/oolong blend for tea and coffee lovers)
Endurance (pu-erh/herb blend formulated to endure)
Invigorate (caffein free blend that invigorates)
Zenergy (focused CBD energy, tearoom exclusive)
Build This Basket: 2 oz. of  Awaken, Here & Now, Amoré, and Earl Grey Créme (tearoom exclusive)

Our taste tester basket includes our four featured loose leaf tea blends that can now be found at all Dave's Market locations. The teas are packaged in a reusable, eco-friendly tin canister, too!

Please note: if you'd like your teas shipped in a tin canister instead of our paper bags, please make sure to add a canister to your cart before checkout!



The health benefits don't stop at the antioxidants! These teas are packed full of vitamins, restorative properties, and strike a balance between energized blends and wind-down brews.

Here & Now
Clarity (citrusy, turmeric ginger blend)
Soothe (caffeine-free high antioxidant vitamin rich blend)
Mountain Top (high altitude oolong)
Unwind (CBD relax, tearoom exclusive)

Build This Basket: 2 oz. of tea of choice, 1 tea cup, 1 tea ball, and 1 scoop

Our Schasteâ At Home gift basket brings the tearoom home with you! Our tea cups are unique to us and this is the perfect gift for any tea lover.


We all have a foodie in our life. The best of class is a compilation
of our most premium and sought after teas.

Build This Basket (tearoom exclusive):  2 oz. hot chocolate, mini marshmallows, two coffee cups
Tis' the season to delight in our favorite drinks and hot chocolate is definitely on the list! This basket is the perfect set to ensure a cozy holiday season.


These teas are perfect for winding down
and getting cozy. The ultimate chestnuts
roasting over an open fire energy.

Earl Grey Lavender
Chocolate Rooibos (very-low caffeine dessert blend)

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