Serving primarily as a minimalist-style tearoom and crêperie, we offer a growing list of over 60 premium looseleaf teas meticulously sourced from all corners of the globe. Each unique tea has distinct health benefits and all are available for purchase in bulk for your enjoyment at home. Schasteâ’s gourmet crêpe menu draws inspiration from many cultural cuisines and consists of sweet and savory options that satisfy breakfast, lunch and dessert appetites. Schasteâ also provides non-crepe options, such as its own tea-infused baked goods and cocktails, breakfast sandwiches, and specialty drinks. As the entire menu is made to order, any crêpe can easily be made gluten-free or vegan.


Schasteâ Is Yours

1. SCHASTEÂ (shass-tee-ah) is happiness, an experience of lighthearted contentment or joy.

It started with the imagination of going somewhere exotic and magical, just around the corner; a place that slowed things down and took its time. And time is what you will savor here.

In a world demanding so much productivity, where people are increasingly over stimulated and often consumed by the “next” moment instead of the present, Schasteâ is a refreshing change of pace. Our mindful tea ritual emphasizes the simple beauty of tea and encourages presence of the moment. Once you’ve felt its magical calm, it stays with you – Schasteâ is yours!